“Our six year old Norwich Terrier, Kakie, was diagnosed by our local vet with a cruciate partial tear of the left hind leg and two years ago she had TPL surgery on her right hind leg for the same problem. Our local vet suggested that we should see Dr. Joyce Gerardi prior to surgery. Dr. Joyce assessed a partial cranial cruciate ligament tear and felt there was an 80-90% chance that she could correct the problem without surgery. Dr. Joyce initiated a comprehensive program including diet, acupuncture, hydro sessions, herbal supplements, and home physical therapy. After just six sessions, Kakie is back to her active terrier lifestyle and needs NO SURGERY. Dr Joyce’s holistic approach not only corrected Kakie’s knee problems but has added years of quality to her life. We can’t say enough good things about Dr. Joyce Gerardi and her Team.” — Jack and Camie Sweeney

It was such a pleasure to get a text update on one of our favorite patient and clients. Marley is a 11 yr Female, 75 pound, Labrador Retriever suffering from severe spinal and hip arthritis and limited mobility. She was treated with a systemic and local treatment of an Allogenic Amniotic Allograft to treat her painful arthritis and limited mobility concerns.

Today we got some good news… “My sister came for a visit and the first thing she said when she walked in the door, “Marley looks so good and acts differently”. She continued to say this multiple times during her stay!” – Marley May

Judy-Pollard“I was referred to Kindered-Canines in Motion by my local vet. My Yorkie, Lexi was suffering from hip and leg pain and was getting ready to undergo surgery when my vet told me to schedule an appointment with Dr. Gerardi. Lexi went through 3 sessions of acupuncture with great results. For the first time in years, Lexi had pain relief and her range of motion improved tremendously. She no longer needed surgery. From the moment we met Dr. Gerardi Lexi and myself fell in love with her. She not only helped Lexi get back to an active life by helping improver her musculoskeletal problems but she also has helped improve her overall health by addressing her diet and some liver issues. We can’t say enough good things about Dr. Gerardi. I am so grateful for the care she provides and helping improve Lexi’s quality of life!” – Judy Pollard

Corrine“My animals are very lucky to have the best vet in the country…Dr. Gerardi!!! I am grateful to her for taking the time to treat and/or operate on my dog(s) when they need her…she is compassionate, smart, and knows her medicine…My dogs and I appreciate her and thank her.” – Corinne Ellis

Baxter-Testimony“Baxter was facing the possibility of paralysis and being on medication for the foreseeable future. Dr. Joyce offered us the opportunity to try acupuncture in conjunction with modern medicine in hopes that paralysis would not set in and medication would be temporary. Thanks to her Acupuncture treatments and Herbal Medicines Baxter no longer shows signs of impending paralysis and is no longer on any other medications. He’s back to his old self! I am forever grateful to Dr. Joyce and how she helped Baxter and will always be a supporter of Kindred-Canines In Motion (KIM).” – Jessica and Baxter

cynthia“What I would give to have a Veterinarian like Dr. Gerardi who not only understands assistance dogs, but understands hearing loss and knows how to communicate with me. Priceless.” – Cynthia Moynihan and Larue (A Certified Canine Companions for Independence (CCI) Hearing Dog)

jill“To have a veterinarian that could work specifically with assistant dogs – educate us on how to take care of our dog (as they are all different) and understand how critical it is that the dog be able to work in our everyday lives – paramount.” – Jill Exposito and HanLee (A Certified Canine Companions for Independence (CCI) Hearing Dog)

paul“I am a home-bound elder and I am honored to have been one of the first recipients of the care provided by Kindred-Canines In Motion.” – Paul and Dolly

sunny“Dr. Gerardi …… Sunny has come up the stairs now 3 times! Sunny has NEVER come up the stairs in the past 6 years since we have had him. We were very impressed! Sunny has made it up and down the stairs now with confidence. Thank you so much for blessing us with the gift of Stem Cell Therapy.” – Mrs. Anitra Ruth and Sunny

Denise-Molly“PRP therapy has given our sweet, 13-year-old labrador retriever (Molly) a new lease on life. After her first treatment, she went from being a dog who was in so much arthritic pain that she resisted even getting out of her bed or being taking outside for a potty break to one who now again follows her people from room to room and goes through her doggy door without prompting to sniff around the back yard and sun by the pool. It took a few weeks to see results, but they were quite noticable when the treatment began to “kick in”. Even our neighbors commented on the improvement of her mobility. She has since had two subsequent treatments and is enjoying a much greater quality of life because of them. For Molly, PRP therapy has provided a lot of bang for the relatively non-cost prohibitive price of the treatment.” – Denise Parker and Molly

Kim-Testimonial“Dugan, my 12 year old assistance Labrador mix, has really struggled with arthritis, especially in his left elbow and hind end. We did stem cell treatment and PRP with Dr. Gerardi in June 2013 and it seemed to breathe more life into his aging joints. More recently, in December 2013, we did another PRP treatment and really tried to get into his hip joints and shoulders and followed it up with laser treatment on his spine. I have seen such a great improvement in his movement, disposition, and quality of life. His back end is still weaker and he still limps on his elbow but he is not nearly as stiff and seems to be in much less pain. Dugan has always been playful and goofy but that gradually got tempered as the arthritis increased. I have seen a dramatic difference in his mood and my ‘puppy dog’ is back! One important observation is that I noticed he is able to walk further and pace with me and my wheelchair again. For a long time he had trouble going only halfway around my apartment complex before his hind legs would start shaking with fatigue and I would have to slow down. He is back to being able to keep up with me and go around the whole circle without fatiguing. These treatments have really helped Dugan still be Dugan. He still limps and can’t quite keep up with the young dogs (as he got a strong dose of that reality on Christmas from a big Lab named Jake lol) but these treatments have helped Dugan get back to himself and if I can have a few more years of the joy he gives me I will take it!” – Kimberly Clark and Dugan