Attention: all new patients are required to have an initial evaluation with one of our doctors prior to having any therapeutic or diagnostic services performed.

Some of our Services



Therapeutic Exercise

Therapeutic exercises enhance strength, flexibility, balance and coordination to improve mobility. These exercises can slow the progression of arthritis.


Therapeutic Modalities

Various treatment modalities, to include neuromuscular electrical stimulation, are used in rehab to control pain and facilitate exercise and recovery.


Fitting for Assistive Devices

Ready-made and custom-fit slings, harnesses, splints, braces and carts are often a part of the rehabilitation process.


Superior Image Accuracy and Viewing Ease

Digital Thermal Images do not depict temperature but measure the radiant energy from the target tissue. These cameras read and illuminate this energy and are both non invasive and non destructive as an aid to patient diagnosis and improved treatment plan.


Regenerative Medicine

Regenerative Medicine helps an animal stay in motion. Platelet Rich Plasma, Bone Marrow, Adipose and Amniotic Therapies. Working together, our goal is to provide the greatest opportunity for a successful outcome.


Maintaining your dog’s health should be a priority. Using Acupuncture for pain and chronic disease has proven very beneficial.