What is Integrative Veterinary Medicine?

Integrative veterinary medicine is a comprehensive medical approach to pet care that combines the best of conventional medicine and complementary and alternative therapies. These are not meant to replace your yearly exams with your pet’s RDVM. Rather, we work with you and you RDVM to provide your pet with all possible treatment options.


This type of veterinary practice focuses on treating the whole animal, and each animal as an individual.  It is the partnership between the client and the veterinarian, and use of all appropriate therapeutic options to achieve optimal wellness for your pet.  We work with you the client, your pet and your referring veterinarian to develop a treatment plan to best give your pet a complete holistic approach to healthcare.

Integrated Wellness ExamsThe goal of an integrative approach to veterinary medicine is to provide clients with all the options for pet care available.  This is achieved by using conventional medicine diagnostics, drugs, procedures like surgery, regenerative medicine together with other appropriate complimentary medical modalities to obtain the best possible results with the least amount of side effects.  The use of Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine, Food Therapy, Tui-na (medical massage) along with progressive technologies and rehabilitation we will find a treatment plan that is right for your pet’s medical need.