Calling for Patients with OA

Do you have a patient with OA of the shoulder, hip, elbow or stifle?
If so, they may be eligible for our research study. We are currently accepting applicants for a clinical trial testing a novel delivery system of PRP (platelet rich plasma) vs intra-articular injections.

Candidate requirements:

  1. Over the age of seven years
  2. Two-view radiographs of affected joint(s) done in the last three months
  3. CBC & ChemPanel done in the last three months
  4. No other pre-existing condition (cancer, kidney/liver failure)
  5. Pet cannot have received stem cell/PRP treatment within the last nine months
  6. No surgical implant complications
  7. Accepted patients must return at four and eight week follow-ups

Space is limited. There is a fee for this study, but the cost has been off-set greatly by our sponsor. All applicants will receive a full exam by our doctors.
Up to two joints treated.

Please contact Alice at 252-631-5033 with any questions or recommendations.